Paris walking tours off the beaten path

Père Lachaise Cemetery guided tour in english – 2.5 hours – Starting at €215

The most famous cemetery in the world is the final resting place of many well known people. Put on comfy shoes and learn about their fascinating lives and tragic deaths.

Paris Food Tour in english – 3 hours – Starting at €295

We will visit artisanal shops and discuss what makes classic french foods so special. You will taste the best croissants, breads, small-production cheeses, saucisson, chocolate…

Paris Flea Market guided tour in english – 3 hours – Starting at €255

Welcome to the biggest and most vibrant antiques market in the world! Follow your guide in this maze of 15 different markets from cheap vintage items to high-end furniture. 

Covered passageways guided tour in english – 3 hours – Starting at €255

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, dicover the Palais Royal and the covered passages. Built in the 19th century, this network of arcades covered with glass roofs were created by piercing through other buildings.

Frequently asked questions

We have a 48 hour cancelation policy. If you need to cancel for any reason please give us the courtesy of doing so within 48 hours of your tour.

Please check the 5 day forecast. We go out rain, snow or shine, but if you prefer not to, the 5 day weather forecast will help you to cancel within 48 hours.

The most important thing is to dress appropriately for the weather and to make sure you have good walking shoes. Sneakers or hiking shoes are best. For the museum tours, we can easily drop our coats at the locker room.

We only do private tours. The prices listed are the total cost for your group, not per person. 

We can meet you at the concierge desk of your hotel as long as it is in the center of Paris. For some Private Tours that focus on a certain area, it will maximize your tour time to meet in that area.

Each tour has a different ending but your guide will point the direction of a cab or subway station, or explain how to go to the restaurant you have booked…

Yes it does. For example, the Versailles full day tour lasts 8 hours and includes round trip transportation time. For the tours in Paris, transportation is very fast and you will learn a lot even during this time.

lunch is not included in the price of the tour. The cost will depend on where you decide to dine. Your guide will make different suggestions.

Once your reservation is confirmed, we will send you the bill by email and you can pay by credit (Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.  

Tipping is always optional, but if you have a great time and want to thank your tour guide, gratuities are very much appreciated. 5% to 10% is a general rule, and again is always greatly appreciated. 

Unfortunately we do not, but you are more than welcome to try and do this on your own. For example, if you make friends at your hotel, you can invite them to join you. You never know, you might find someone.

Yes it is, but as the world’s first destination, it attracts not only tourists but also pickpockets. You should be careful especially near musuems and monuments. If you are approached by young ladies with paperclips asking you to fill a form: pass your way, it’s a scam!

Yes, this is your private tour, so your guide will adapt the tours for your kids. Provide information about them: age, hobbies…

We have also a treasure hunt at the Louvre: no boredom!


Our half day tours usually stop for a restroom and water break, but not for food. On our full day tours, we do stop for a meal. Some people like to grab a quick bite, and others prefer a nice relaxing meal in a cosy bistro. On a private tour either is an option, but just know that if we sit down we might have to move faster to get in the rest of the sights. 

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